Santa letters

Santa letters

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Need a letter from Santa to your child?
I will customize a letter
for you to give to your child, relative or friend!
You can choose from my wordings or use your own!
Letters come with a letter (choice of designs) and an matching envelope to the child

All for $3.00 (plus shipping if you cant pick up)

Here are some samples of wording!

It’s my favorite time of year again! One of the best things about Christmastime is flying to see you, so we’ll be heading to Georgetown soon. You’re on the top of my Good List this year and I’m really excited to visit Texas to bring you a surprise!
Mrs. Claus loves to make yummy things all year long, but during Christmastime she bakes something new and delicious almost every day! I try to be good and not eat too much dessert, but her treats are so tasty I simply can’t resist. Just the other evening we were enjoying my favorite candy cane cupcakes after dinner. All of a sudden I heard a SNAP and the middle button on my coat popped right off! It bounced off the tea kettle, flew past Mrs. Claus’ head and landed next to the fireplace with a thud. I laughed so hard my belly really did shake like a bowl full of jelly! I promised Mrs. Claus I would eat more vegetables and she promised to help me cut back on all the sweets. I don’t know what I would do if my special coat didn’t fit on Christmas Eve – how embarrassing!
Please be good and kind to your family, Hadley, and I will bring you something special on my Christmas Eve trip. Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus

P.S., Since I’m so busy this year, would you mind telling NAME I’ll be stopping by with presents, too?

I’m happy to report you’re at the top of my Good List this year … again!
It’s almost Christmastime and we’re making plans to visit you in TOWN. We love going to STATE, and we’re really looking forward to our Christmas Eve adventure.
We have a lot of Christmas trees here at the North Pole, and of course they stay decorated all year long. Mrs. Claus noticed that the garland on one tree was looking kind of old, and we sat down one evening to make some new strings. We ran out of popcorn before our garland was very long, so Mrs. Claus made another batch and we got back to work. We seemed to be running out of popcorn pretty fast, and Mrs. Claus made two more bowls full. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something brown and furry, but when I looked around, the room was empty. Then I thought I heard a little jingle, but there was no one there. I reached into the bowl for a piece of popcorn and my hand brushed against something hard – a reindeer hoof! I looked down and there was Dasher, sneaking popcorn from the bowl! He sure enjoyed his snack that night!
Keep being good, NAME and you’ll find a wonderful surprise from me when you wake up Christmas morning. I know you can do it, and I can’t wait to peek in on you this year. Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus
P.S., Since I’m so busy this year, please tell NAME I’ll be stopping by with presents, too!

Dear NAME,
This year has passed so quickly and Christmas is almost here!
The reindeer and I can’t wait to fly to STATE – you’re at the top of my Good List again and we can’t wait to visit you inTOWN soon!
Having nine reindeer is a lot of fun, and each one is unique. Dasher is sporty, Dancer is graceful, Prancer is very strong and Vixen is quite handsome. Comet loves to laugh, Cupid makes everyone feel special, Donner is loud and lively and Blitzen is fast as lightning. And then there’s Rudolph, who is quite shy. But when they get together, they get silly and funny and love to play jokes! I went into the stable to feed the reindeer their dinner one day and found them all in their pens…wearing red noses! I didn’t know which reindeer was the real Rudolph and they snickered and laughed while I scratched my head in wonder. Finally, I had a great idea! I turned off the light in the stable and all the reindeer became very quiet.
I saw something bright red shining from Comet’s pen and knew I had figured it out.
I turned on the light and the reindeer took off their fake noses, leaving only one with a shining red one – the real Rudolph. Mystery solved!
You’ve been so good this year, NAME please keep up the good work so I can stop by Christmas Eve. I’ll be quiet when I stop in –
I don’t want to wake you up!
Santa Claus

P.S., Since I don’t have time to write to all the boys and girls, please tell NAME I’ll be stopping there with presents, too



Dear {NAME},
I look forward to Christmas all year long because I love visiting little children all over the world and bringing them gifts.
And I'm really looking forward to seeing you soon in {HOMETOWN}.
I'm so proud of you for {CHILD ACCOMPLISHMENT} this year. That's great!
We've all been very busy here at the North Pole. Some elves have been tuning up my sleigh so it's ready to fly on Christmas Eve, while others have been putting the finishing touches on all the toys in the toy workshop. The elves know you really want a {TOY ON WISHLIST}. I'm sure they'll do their best to build that or something else you'll really love.
Well, I have to go check on the reindeer and see if they're getting in shape for the big night. Rudolph said to tell you hello. He's been working out with all the other reindeer, and he's very excited we'll be visiting you in {HOMETOWN}. Don't forget leave out some food for the reindeer.
They work up a huge appetite flying all around the world.
Have a wonderful Christmas!