Here are some comments
 people have sent me,

**if you have used me and have a comment you would like me to post
email me and I will gladly post it for you!

They  (candybar wrappers)  were a huge hit.
They were beautiful and people had not seen anything like it before.  
Thanks so much Debbie

11-20-2012:  Omg. They are soooo adorable. U did an awesome job! Thank u again You are truly so talented. I can't wait to give them out to everyone!  Jahan

Love It!!!!!...Its perfect        Lindsey

2-9-2012:      They came out great! I'm sending them out now. I love them!!!      Roseann

  I just wanted to say thank you so much and that the favors were a really big hit!    Dina

Hi dianne.
THey were a big hit!! Everyone loved them especially the mom to be ! Thank you have been a part of so many things and always do such a great job! I aprreciate that you always pull it together for me. Thank you!!! Barb :)

Just want to say thanks again for everything the magnets are truly beautiful my mom loves them and most def. am looking forward to having you create one of your many creations next year thanks again.....

Hi DeeDee,

I got the labels they are so cute! They are perfect!

Thank you again!

Oh wow Dianne...
I Love them all and I really love the sayings...
they are perfect!!
Thanks again, Lindsey

That is absolutely amazing and beautiful!
Thank you so much! It is perfect!
 I instantly had tears in my eyes!
You captured exactly how I was feeling and what I was trying to say:)
thank you sooo much for everything you do for us for Christopher!
Words can not express how much it means to us
 and we are truly greatful!
I hope you can come to Chris's dinner and walk this year!!!
Love ya!Thanks again Kelly




I love them!

They loved them! And your daughter-in-law.
People are asking for your numbers! Thanks again.Betsy

She loved everything!!
The bags came out so cute.
The invitations were great.
Thanks for everything!!

Thank you I am so very happy
 with everything!!!!

The candy bars were great-
Thanks again for rushing to
make the candy bars- they were a hit!

Everything turned out GREAT everybody
loved the invitations
& they fell in love wit the magnets
thank you soo much 4 everything!!!

The kids loved it! Thank you!!!
Thank you for getting them
done for me in such short notice!

The invitation was adorable
& even the envelope
thank u so much!!!!!

The shower was great . 
She loved the favors and so did everyone.
Many comments also about the nice invitations.

She loved them!
(Invitations for fundraiser)
His nephew loved them too!
He was so excited that his name
was big and in the middle of it

Thank you so much for makin AJs party favors.
This is really the cutest thing ever! Lol!!!
Yes!!! Now its perfect!!!
I absolutly love them!! They are adorable!!!
I appriciate it greatly!
I know everyone is going to love them! 
will definitly be using you
 and your skills for all of his future events!

Thank you so much for the absolutely
beautiful invitations and favor tags. 
They were precious.
Everyone  loved them of coarse

I just wanted to let you know
everyone the love the invites
especially the kids they
are so excited to come to the party
because of the invites
I thank you enough as
always a job well done.

She loves them.
(Baby Shower Invitations)
 They came out really cute.
Thank you

I just wanted to thank you again
 for the CD favors
that were sent for Logan’s B’day.
They were absolutely adorable!
I loved them and so did everyone else. 
 I really appreciate the special details
 and your kind effort
in making Logan’s day so special!

I've gotten nothing
 but compliments on them!!! :)
(Engagement Invitations)
Thanks again.

the party was great turned out really nice
and the invites was great
 I think I'm going to do Halloween every year from now on
thanks again your the best

I love them...thank you!
Have a merry Christmas

They are fantastic, even nicer than I imagined.
 Thank you so much Toni

The CDs were wonderful.
Thank you very much

I got the candy bars and by far they are the cutest cutest ever!!!!!!!!
I am def going to use you in the future
and spread the word of how great they are :)
like- LOVED
he was so impressed,
so was I and everyone else in my fam
and I did tell them to let me know
if they ever need them done bc you do such a good job!!!!

Deedee you are the best I swear I love it